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Our private dental clinic is located in the heart of the old Stanisławów.
We are proud that many children and adults chose us.

About Us


Working in dentistry for more than 30 years, I know that visiting a dentist brings no great pleasure to most people; some of them even feel fear. Owing to that, twenty years ago when I was establishing the clinic I thought about people with special requirements and wishes for the quality and comfort.

Our basic rules are to do our best and to treat you as we would like to be treated. In everyday work we use the experience we have got and seek to improve ourselves by acquiring new skills.

The clinic has three offices with modern equipment where you can receive comprehensive care provided by the doctors from different fields of dentistry.

The nice interior, the aroma of the finest coffee, comfortable armchairs, satellite TV, WiFi, our friendly staff – all these make the patient feel comfortable like at home. This “like at home” condition is actually the main characteristic feature of our institution.

I hope that the Stanislavivska lichnytsia will be a pleasant discovery for you and your family on the path to beauty and good health. We are looking forward to your visit.

Head physician and founder Oleg Grygoryshyn

Our Services


General Dentistry

General Dentistry involves the diagnosis and treatment of general conditions affecting teeth and gums. more


Paediatric Dentistry

Why fix baby teeth? There are several reasons to fix baby teeth. Every child’s smile affects their sense of self-esteem and confidence in life more


Prosthetic Dentistry

The best teeth are your own natural teeth. But if a tooth is lost, it is important to replace it with an artificial tooth as soon as possible. more


Orthodontic Dentistry

People of any age can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment improves not only the look of your smile but also your health. more

All Services



Fillings (Composite)

from 200 UAH


Dental prosthetics

from 600 UAH


Complete oral hygiene

400 -500 UAH


Whitening ( 1 session)

1000 UAH

Oral hygiene + 2 fillings


Oral hygiene + whitening


Oral hygiene every 6 months


In case of one-time payment for the services according to the treatment plan


Our Doctors


Oleg Grygoryshyn

Founder, head physician. Graduate of Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical Institute in 1983. General and Prosthetic Dentistry.


Volodymyr Nastoyashchyy

Graduate of Donetsk National Medical University in 2004. General and Orthodontic Dentistry.
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Oksana Prokopiv

Graduate of Karaganda State Medical University in 1984. General and Paediatric Dentistry.


Nataliia Sapizhak

Graduate of Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University in 2000. General Dentistry and Orthodontic Dentistry.



Наталя 20.03.2015

Неодноразова користувалась послугами. Приємні ціни і дуже дбайливе ставлення до пацієнтів. Швидко і якісно виконали протезування зубів.


Ольга 03.04.2015

Дуже хороша клініка,я всім задоволена.Ходила з дітками, прекрасне відношення, нас оглянули, проконсультували, призначили лікування. Не пройшло і двох днів і ми практично здорові.Велике спасибі.


Michal Sowa 25.01.2016

Many thanks to Stanislavivska Lichnytsia for the immediate and qualified dental care. I got a severe toothache during my visit to Ivano-Frankivsk. A friend of mine advised me Stanislavivska lichnytsia. In the clinic I was provided with very qualified dental care. Good facilities, no hidden costs, no surprises, very friendly staff. My doctor spoke English so it was easy to reach an understanding. Highly recommended!

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